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Autumn Living Room Ideas

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Cosy Living Room Ideas

It's November, which means we are well and truly into Autumn. This may mean the temperature has dropped and the sky has become grey, but it's also a perfect time to get the home ready for the months ahead. We are set on helping you create a cosy nest for snuggling up and seeing off the colder days!

Photo Credit: The Ideal Home

Autumnal Sofas

The centre point of a living room, the meeting place and the snuggle zone, has to be our old friend the sofa. People navigate the room, and lets face it, it's the sofa they're interested in. Any sofa that stands a chance, has to have a real snug factor.

1: Otley by John Lewis 2: Hendricks by Habitat 3: Pudding by Loaf

Living Room Configuration

This is a big part of creating a cosy environment. In the summer, with warm weather and long days, minimalism is acceptable, but it won't cut the mustard in the winter. We want cosy, and cosy wants us. Autumn gives us a chance to reconfigure the room.

Creating an intimate space with the focal point being the sofa is paramount. Take a thought as to what coffee and side tables suit this configuration, as a high coffee table may make the space a little cluttered.

Our recommendation is to source a low level coffee table like the Kensel by Habitat or the Ellie in Gold by Boast.

1: Kenzel by Habitat 2: Ellie by Boast

Blankets, Blankets and more Blankets

They're simple but effective and layering the sofa with blankets immediately creates a "snuggle" vibe. Blankets can vary in price and over the years we have learned to put quality over price. As the old saying goes if you buy cheap, you buy twice. Many cheaper blankets are made with unnatural materials such as polyester which should be avoided! A good quality blanket will last years and you'll end up getting better value from your purchase.

The thicker the better in our humble opinion and we've listed our favourite Autumnal picks below. 

1: Ohio 2: Woolacombe by Laura Aston available at Not on the Highstreet 3: Chevron Throw by Oliver Bonus

The Ohio Blanket has been mentioned in previous Blog posts, and because we love it so much, it's easy to give it a second mention. It's thick, it's cosy and it a feature piece to a room! Ohhio offer a range of products for the living room, bedroom and even the pet! This one is priced in dollars, but don't worry, for $20 they offer world wide shipping. The blanket comes in at $265.

The Woolacombe Blanket is rather similar and we've included this as there are a few more colours available and the material shows subtle differences. The twill is a little more visible which we think gives it a nice rustic look. This one will set you back £180.

If the Ohio and Woolacombe are a little too heavy, we've included a slightly cheaper favourite, the Chevron Throw by Oliver Bonas.  It's produced with a high percentage of cotton, whilst remaining incredibly soft.  This one will set you back £34.

Autumnal Accessories

1: Dalwood Log Stand and Fire Tools from Not on the Highstreet 2: Moscow Mule Copper Mugs from Not on the Highstreet. 3: Jumbo Scatter by Loaf

There's nothing that says Autumn better than an open fire and a hot chocolate.  Our favourite of these picks, is the Dalwood Log Stand and fire tools.  It's raught iron country appeal is the perfect compliment for your living room (whether you light the fire or not!).

How about adding a little winter charm to your cutlery collection? In our search we found the delightful Moscow Mule mugs, which apart from being absolutely fine for a cold drink, we think they're absolute perfect for a little winter month decoration! 

Last but not least, the trusty pillow. An easy and fairly cheap way to add a great level of cosy to any room. We think these bonza pillows by Loaf will do the job nicely!

As usual, we love to hear from you. What one of our picks would you love in your home?

Love, Boast



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