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Bonza Space Saving Furniture Ideas!

Photo Credit: Loaf

Living in London, or any other city in the U.K. for that matter, comes with it's ups and downs.  The ups, are the bustling streets, bars and restaurants, but the downs can be a severe lack of space.

With prices of property rentals and sales so high, small is great, but that's where we need clever space saving furniture! We won't compromise on style and quality, naturally.. because we are hip city dwellers!

We've scoured the web for hours to find our favourite space saving furniture picks to make a big impact on small spaces!


1: Nestler Space Saving Kitchen Table by Boast 2: Lomund Space Saving Coffee Table by Made 3: Esme Wall Desk by Made 4: Oak Floating Bedside Table by Urban Space 5: Pavillion Love Seat Sofa Bed by Loaf 6: Xtra Foot Stool Day Bed by BoConcept

1: Nestler Space Saving Kitchen Table by Boast

This clever little kitchen table comes with three stools that neatly stack underneath. Boasting clean industrial features, it's perfect for a laid back breakfast or an evening meal.  We LOVED this table as it immediately solved the problem of having a console table and a kitchen table all at once. Have a closer look at our Nestler Space Saving Kitchen here.

2: Lomund Space Saving Coffee Table by Made

To us, the Lomund screams a solution for open plan living. For those who once may have eaten off their laps, now can take a sigh of relief! With plenty of storage for clutter and a clever ability to turn into a dining table, we think it's fantastic! You can take a further peak of the Lomund Space Saving Coffee Table here.

3: Esme Wall Desk by Made

This is a throw back to days gone. It has a 1960's appeal to it and clearly it wasn't only fit for the 60's as we are sure this is a winner. Back to school and work Mondays have just been made easier. You can see more of the Esme Wall Desk here.

4: Oak Floating Bedside Table by Urban Space

It's a bedside table for the minimalist. Levitating by the side of the your bed, it won't look too far short of a magic trick. With a distinct Scandinavian style, whilst being extremely functional, we are confident to say bra gjort (well done in Scandinavian!). You can find more about the Oak Floating Bedside Table here.

5: Pavillion Love Seat Day Bed by Loaf

Loaf never fail to impress us. Their distinctive style and imaginative solutions to every day city dwelling are inspiring. Usually with sofa beds you're left with a selection of unappealing furniture, in which manufacturers are fighting the functionality and aesthetics all at once, leaving more often than not, a bland product. Head over to Loaf to see more about the Pavillion Love Seat.

6: Xtra Footstool turned Day Bed by BoConcept

I think we have an affinity for BoConcept.  It's a little pricier compared to many other furniture brands, but we are certain you are paying for what you get. When we came across this little star, we were impressed and intrigued! Still water runs deep, and that couldn't be more true when taking a first glance at this footstool... Who on earth would have thought you'd get a day bed from it! Have a gander at the Xtra Foot Stool here.


We love to hear from you! What one of our space saving furniture favourites would you love to have in your home?

Send over any space saving furniture pics by tagging #BoastersHomes on our instagram (@boasthome) and we will give them a feature!

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Space Saving Furniture

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