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Boast Design Limited

The Tannery

3/7 Bombay Street


London, SE16 3UX


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The Story of The Illustrator and a Maker

Furniture Maker at Work. Handcrafted Furniture London.

Its all about the creative. Each piece is unique and tells its own story, handcrafted by accomplished artisans from the United Kingdom and around the world. At Boast, we use only selectively sourced, sustainable and reclaimed materials.

Not shackled to big fancy machines, we don’t do mass production and are able to produce in limited batches, constantly bringing new ideas to you, the customer.

Furniture Designer at Work. Handcrafted Furniture London.

At Boast, true to our ethos, we are forever on the look out for pure talent and creativety, and when we find it, we embrace it.

Handpainting in water colour, Yasmine Ellis is responsible for all of our website illustration. She is a brilliant and versatile artist and we find her work irressitable.

We hope that you will feel the same.